Second Heart Homes

Second Heart Homes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2019 that provides housing and critical support services to homeless adults who are committed to focusing on their mental health in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas.

Our high-touch, tailored-services approach is unique because it provides both short-term and long-term housing and care that revives dignity, establishes stability, and teaches independence.

We provide housing, case management support, skill building workshops and arts integration.

Clients come to us based on their commitment to address their mental and physical health, remain sober and achieve personal goals toward self-sufficiency with healthy routines and hobbies. It is impossible to address these realms when you are homeless.

We provide the stable, predictable environment that connects the arts and community to help make management of mental health and recovery from homelessness possible. 

Your kind heart helped us grow and make an impact.

We were born in 2019 and have already filled a significant gap in homelessness and mental health services. We do this without any government funding.

  • 8 Homes in operation with no mortgages
  • 3 women’s homes and 5 men’s homes
  • Expansion into Manatee County to address the 25% increase in homelessness
  • 3 Clients enrolled in College or Trade School
  • Multiple clients living independently
  • One right to vote restored
  • 14 clients currently employed
  • Food Security Program with All Faiths Food Bank
  • Enhanced quality of life through improvement of hygiene, computer skills, interpersonal development and life skills
  • Reduction of emergency services provided by behavioral healthcare centers and hospitals
  • Reduction in panhandling and other legal charges relating to homelessness
  • 15 Mental Health Court graduates
  • Our very first client-who inspired it all- is now a homeowner outside of our program!

Did you know? We solely rely on individual gifts and private sector funding. Your support makes hope possible for so many.


Your generous support this year is going to help us maintain and expand our offerings through critical investments in:

    • Acquisition of more housing to expand our program
    • Our new women’s homes and services program
    • Better client identification and outreach
    • Expanded self-care, skill building and interpersonal programming
    • Expansion of integrated art and community projects
  • Volunteer recruitment and training
  • Increased access to community programs, services and resources
  • To make Second Heart Homes a premier workplace
  • Purchasing goods and services for client care and home maintenance
  • Post-program client support

Please help make recovery from homelessness and mental illness a reality for the men and women in our community by making a gift today.

We welcome all types of unrestricted gifts, but especially recurring gifts and gifts made at our suggested giving levels. If you wish to make a gift between $5-$500, please make your gift directly through the Flanzer Foundation Matching Gift Program by clicking here and selecting “Second Heart Homes” as your Recipient. The Flanzer family is generously matching all donations to us up to $500 through the end of the year!

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