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Now more than ever, Sarasota needs Second Heart Homes.
Now more than ever, we need you!

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Second Heart Homes is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides housing and tailored support services to adult Sarasota homeless residents with mental illness. Unlike other models serving the homeless, we take this challenging, complex population off the streets and put them back on their feet by providing long-term solutions that revive dignity, establish stability and enhance quality of life. Clients come to us based on their commitment to address their mental health, remain sober and healthy and achieve personal goals toward self-sufficiency. Many later rejoin the community.

The demographic we serve are vulnerable, single adult Sarasotans at-risk of or experiencing homelessness. Some common contributing factors to homelessness and barriers to housing include:

  • Mental/ physical disabilities
  • Trauma
  • Abuse
  • Absent support system
  • Neglect
  • Dual diagnosis/ self-medicating
  • Low or absent income
  • Insufficient, or difficulty navigating, resources
  • Loss of employment
  • Family crisis
  • Domestic abuse
  • Petty crimes related to homelessness

The reality of this demographic is that they need continued support even when barriers are removed, and housing is obtained.

You’ve helped us make such an impact in our first year

In almost 2 years since we became a nonprofit organization, we have filled a significant gap in homelessness and mental health services, achieving:

  • Over 10,000 nights of homelessness off the street
  • Enhanced quality of life through improvement of hygiene, computer skills, interpersonal development and life skills
  • Purchasing four homes that provide long-term housing for 24 adult male clients
  • A reduction of emergency services provided by critical stabilization units and hospitals
  • A reduction in legal charges relating to homelessness
  • A reduction in panhandling
  • 13 Mental Health Court graduates
  • One home owner
  • One right to vote restored
  • Hope for chronically homeless individuals

Now, we are expanding our program to homeless women with mental health issues. Recently, we purchased two duplexes that will house up to 12 single women as part of our expanded outreach. With more than 200 homeless women needing specialized services in Sarasota, there is a huge demand to adequately serve this demographic. These ladies will be receiving housing, high-touch supportive services, mentorship, skill-building workshops and most importantly, hope. This will also bring our count of individuals served from 24 to 36, making a significant impact in our community. But more help is needed, especially with the pandemic expected to leave many more Sarasotans homeless and struggling with mental health issues.

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Home is Where the Heart is, our $75,000 holiday fundraising campaign, is going to help us maintain and expand our offerings through critical investments in:

  • Our new women’s homes and services program
  • Better client identification and outreach
  • Additional housing for men and women
  • Expanded self-care, skill building and interpersonal programming
  • Volunteer recruitment and training
  • Increased access to community programs, services and resources
  • Staff hiring and training
  • Purchasing goods and services for client care and home maintenance
  • Post-program client support

Please help us get our homeless, mentally ill men and women off the streets and back on their feet by making your holiday gift today.

We welcome all types of unrestricted gifts, but especially recurring gifts and gifts made at our suggested giving levels. If you wish to make a gift between $5-$500, please make your gift directly through the Flanzer Foundation Matching Gift Program by clicking here and selecting “Second Heart Homes” as your Recipient. The Flanzer family is generously matching all donations to us up to $500 through the end of the year!



Nick went through 19 different foster homes where he was horrifically abused and neglected. After aging out of the foster care system, he found himself on the streets, diagnosed with schizophrenia and having been arrested more than 45 times. Facing jail time, Sarasota’s comprehensive treatment court placed Nick with Second Heart Homes. Here, he found a home, loving community and personalized support services.

Since completing our program, Nick’s court charges have been dismissed and his right to vote has been reinstated. Nick remains off drugs, jail free and financially independent. As a house manager for Second Heart Homes, he enjoys mentoring other clients. And he takes every opportunity to share his story in order to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness and homelessness.

Nick is living the life he worked hard for — and Sarasota is all the better for it.

“Through the bad and all the way to the good, these are the two Sarasota police officers [Matt and Clifford] who are proud of my success and made me feel so great. Thanks to them I see my change.”  – Nick



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